Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Stay warm and welcome 2015 with some hot new reads!

We hope you had a FANTASTIC New Year! The cold snap that's been keeping us all locked up indoors is here for at least another week. Now is an excellent time to swing by (but bundle up first!) and come pick out a new book to keep you warm.

We've stocked the Library of Justice with some fresh selections to get you through the deep freeze. And if Santa brought you something you'd like to trade in---or you've got some gem you've been wanting to share with others---bring it over. We've made room!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Come get your Halloween Mini Comics!

On the way to the Library of Justice, you'll find this Halloween riddle waiting for you to solve it. But the only way to know for sure, is to stop over for some Halloween treats---and the next panel of  sidewalk has the answer!

Plus we've got CANDY and BOOKS and COMICS! There's a whole selection of mini comics from the Free Comic Book Day folks just waiting to lurch home with you!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Come Trick or Treat for something good to read!

Well we've been celebrating MONSTOBER all month with a fresh flock of witches, vampires, ghosts, and goblins to put a chill down your book spine! Come check out the scary stories in stock--lots of terrifying tales just in time for Halloween!

We've got a bunch of spooky new mini comics from the Free Comic Book Day folks! So in addition to our usual curated creepy comics and graphic novels, there's something new to scream about too!

Whether you're a little gremlin or a big Frankenstein, we've got tomes for all ages---in both books and comics.  Come by and scare up some good reads!