Friday, July 5, 2013

Super-excited about our super prizes!

A while aback I entered a random drawing from one of our favorite kids' publishers, Capstone Books. Wouldn't you know it--WE WON! (Or were one of several winners, to be honest, I'm not sure.) They sent us this awesome Superman Family Adventures library edition (hardcover) book and a super-big tote bag. The bag is especially nice, since it comes in handy for carrying large loads of books and comics while we rotate stock in the library.

Captsone makes several great series, but we're partial to the superheroic genres, including the SFA we've blogged about before. If the art style looks familiar, you may have see authors Franco and Art Baltazaar work before on Tiny Titans, based on DC Comics' Teen Titans. These are fantastic books for early readers, with lots of action to hold their attention and about the most colorful graphic style you'll find in any comic book.

One thing I'm particularly excited about is the reverse side with a fantastic illustration of Wonder Woman. WW is tough to find these days--she's usually lumped in with the Justice League--so it was a nice surprise to see her get some prominent face-time!

Relatedly, you'll be hearing more about Wonder Woman in the coming months as we seek to track down some more girl-friendly comic book characters for the neighborhood.

Back to Capstone--they're fantastic and they do a great deal of good to promote literacy of all ages, but especially in getting young readers interested. So thank you Capstone for your fantastic books and for the wonderful prizes!

You'll find Superman Family Adventures in the library now, check it out!

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