How To...

Borrow a book: Stop by and pick one out you like--just like that! 

Return a book: Does the book you borrowed from Library of Justice have a little red dot inside the cover? That means we're hoping you'll bring it back to the Library of Justice to share with others in the neighborhood.

Lend a book: Donate a book you think someone will appreciate. The book should be in good condition (binding still good, no loose or falling-out pages). At this point in time, we're not accepting magazines or other periodicals. 

Have some comics or more than one book to donate? Contact us via the Keep in Touch page.

Make a suggestion: Looking for more mysteries? Good books for teens? Let us know by using the Keep in Touch page.

Re-sleeve a comic book: Returning a sleeved comic? Here's a short video on how to bag and board a comic before bringing it back to the Library of Justice!

P.S. No need to seal the bag, we just like to have 'em re-sleeved for the next reader to enjoy!