Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Happy Holidays from the Library of Justice!

Library of Justice Holidays Christmas Winter 2020 with lights and Bert and Grover from Sesame Street

Well, it's been QUITE THE YEAR, folks. We hope you've all be staying safe and healthy during these very uncertain times. But it does seem like an upswing is right around the corner. To celebrate a little of that positivity, we've put in some fresh comic selections in the library. The assistant librarian was very choosy about which titles were included. 
Library of Justice Holidays Comic books and novels

We've also put in a few pals from Sesame Street to help raise spirits for the lucky folks who find them. Soon we'll say good bye (good riddance?) to 2020.

Library of Justice Assistant Librarian organizing comic books
Until then, stay safe, be well, and we hope you enjoy the books!