Monday, December 3, 2012

Have a question for the Librarian of Justice?

Are you looking for something COOL to read in comic or graphic novel form? Need a reccomendation?

Do you have little ones and wonder where's a good place to start with superheroes and their ilk?

Are you looking for something graphical but more for grown-ups? Without superheroes?

Have a question about a comics in general you're dying to ask?

Then Ask the Librarian and have your question answered on the blog!*

Whether you're new to comics and graphic novels or you're an old-hat when it comes to sequential art forms, we can help. If we don't know the answer, we'll track it down. Feel free to leave us a note in the Library of Justice or just send a message to headquarters using the Keep in Touch page of the message in this post.


*This assumes of course, your question is something that can be asked in polite company, you dig?

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