Thursday, May 30, 2013

Return of the Library of Justice!

The Library of Justice is back! We've refilled it with a few books and comics to get started again. A HUGE thanks to all our neighbors and friends for their support over the last few weeks. Both for donating and for some much needed morale boosting, after our two previous incidents. We're so fortunate to have a concerned and helpful community supporting the library--not to mention all the help we've received from other LFLs and the main Little Free Library organization!

Re-opened with a few new rules...

1. One Book Per Visit, Please
For the time being we're asking folks to take one book or comic at a time. We're hoping to relax that at some point, but for now we'd like to have enough for everyone who'd like a one. 

2. Always a Gift, Never for Sale
This is really for those who either don't know how little free libraries work--or intend to sell any books they borrow--we shouldn't have to say this, but...

Feel free to read, share, and return at your convenience, but please don't take them with the intention of reselling them. The Library of Justice is for the greater benefit of everyone in our community who'd like a book to read. Know that book stores in the area will not purchase a book that's been stamped by a little free library. We have our own particular stamp so folks know from where it came. Area shops have agreed to honor that commitment to keep these books in the LFL community.

We've put a temporary sign to help remind borrowers while we wait for our official one to come from the Little Free Library organization. 

Have a Book to Return?
For those that have a book to bring back to the library, now is a good time to do so, as we restock the library's inventory. :)

Now, if it would just stop raining, we could do a little upkeep....

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