Sunday, October 27, 2013

Help! We're HAUNTED!

Halloween is right around the corner and we've found ourselves SPOOKED--that is, the Library is filled with supernatural selections. We're desperate for friends and neighbors to stop by and bust some ghosts, slay some vampires, and fight evil by picking up some scary stories this week.

Here's what's haunting our hallowed halls....

Flesh-eating zombies stalking the comics shelf!

Seen the new hit Sleepy Hollow TV series? Get the scoop on the original story!

Fun children's stories and picture books, including one by local author and illustrator Sam Hiti!

Frightening fables for young readers!

Grown-up supernatural tales of suspense!

RECOMMENDED: Another witching story that's back in the library is A Discovery of Witches, which comes highly recommended from Emily!

The original Frankenstein: he's no lumbering oaf, but a monster obsessed with revenge!

...and the baddest for last: DRACULA! A den of vampires...and their slayers: our finest president and a valley girl! 

Be sure to stop by soon before we're overtaken by ghastly ghouls!

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