Sunday, October 6, 2013

Love and Marriage

Early October is a special time for the Librarian of Justice and is the time of year when we celebrate our wedding anniversary. We remember that beautiful fall day...surrounded by family and friends...happily proclaiming our love for and commitment to one another. All very sappy and romantic and ridiculous...and we love it! :)

So to celebrate our special day, the library is now stocked with books focused on relationships, love and marriage. Relationships between witches and vampires...relationships that had to be hidden because of the time and context in which they existed..."relationships" that were arranged and undesired...relationships that were steamy and fleeting...interracial relationships...fairy tale relationships. We've got it all! Right here in our Little Free Library.

So stop by, pick out a book, and enjoy marveling at shapes and sizes in which relationships exist.

Happy reading, Readers!

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